What You Get

  • Professionaly Designed & Developed E-commerce Store

  • Beautiful Modern Design

  • Leading Hosted E-commerce Software

  • Mobile Optimised Responsive Design

  • Easy to Manage

  • Low Running Costs

  • Full Training Provided

  • Accept All Major Payment Methods

  • Highest Standards of Online Security

  • Fraud Screening Process & Training

  • Unlimited Customisable Products

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Customer Review & Ratings System

  • Coupon & Gift Certificate System

  • Killer Marketing Features

  • Indepth Analytics and Reporting

  • Your Own Domain Name

  • Email Accounts


Some Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using hosted ecommerce shopping cart software. Hosted shopping carts use the Software as a Service model (Saas), which means that you pay a monthly fee to use the software and they look after all the hosting and software maintenance. It’s the easiest way for small business to run an ecommerce store, without needing to know about the technical side of things. Our preferred software is Bigcommerce, but we can also build you a store using other shopping cart software such as Shopify, Americommerce, etc.
Yes, there are some small ongoing running costs.

There is a monthly fee for the shopping cart software. Our recommended solution, Bigcommerce, costs from €23 to €61 per month.

If you don’t already have your own domain name you will need to purchase one. These cost from €6.95 per year.

You will also need an SSL Certificate, which provides security and encryption for your payment page. The cost for this is around €60 per year.

Yes, we offer a range of add-ons for your website. These can be included when we build your website, or we can add them later after you are up and running.

Our website add-ons include:
Email marketing setup & integration
Blog setup and integration
Advanced SEO package

We also offer a range of ecommerce support services and online marketing services for when you are up and running, such as:
Product copywriting & photography
Catalog management
Content marketing (blogging)
Social media marketing
Email marketing

Get in touch to find out more about any of these add-ons or services.

Your ecommerce site comes with a secure online admin area which you log into with a username and password. From there you can manage your products, process payments & orders, and analyse the performance of your store. These admin areas are intuitive and easy to use, with little or no technical knowledge required.
You add products via your store’s secure online admin area. It’s as easy as clicking ‘Add New Product’, then follow the instructions to choose a category, add products description & photos, set pricing and add product options. If you have a large number of products to add, there is also a batch import tool you can use.

As part of the package we will add your first 10 products for you, and provide full training on how to add the rest yourself. We offer catalog management services should you need us to add your full product catalog for you, or maintain it over time.

We will provide hands on training on running your ecommerce store. We will sit with you or your staff and show you how to perform all the tasks you will need on a daily basis. This usually takes a couple of hours and can be done in person or via online chat. You will also have access to easy to follow documentation and tutorials for your shopping cart software.
Unfortunately credit card fraud is a reality for ecommerce merchants. But with some simple precautions you can minimise the risks. We will provide you with training and an effective fraud screening process to help you identify and block fraudulent transactions.

For example, our client China Blue Shoes has been selling online for almost 5 years. Using our fraud screening process they have only ever had one fraudulent transaction, which was actually flagged by our screening process, but they decided to take the risk anyway (a mistake they didn’t make a second time).

Yes of course. If your current site is not meeting your needs we can migrate you to our modern, professionally designed ecommerce store. We can import your existing products, and have you up and running quickly and easily with little or no downtime during swichover.