We help build and run successful Ecommerce businesses

We help small and medium sized businesses increase their sales and reach new markets by selling online, and we provide them with all the training and support services they could need.

We don’t just build Ecommerce websites, we help build successful Ecommerce businesses.

What Can We Do For You?

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Ecommerce Website Design

The online stores we build provide your business with the best platform to sell online. We will build you a website that looks great, ranks well in the search engines, and most importantly converts visitors into customers.
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Ecommerce Support Services

Once your new online store is live you won’t be on your own. We offer a full range of support services to assist you once you are up and running. Services such as website maintenance & optimisation, catalog management, product copywriting, product photography and more.
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Online Marketing

A great Ecommerce website needs visitors. We offer a range of online marketing services to attract these visitors and convert them into loyal customers. We offer Content Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.


Case Study: China Blue Shoes

China Blue Shoes is an independent shoe shop based in Temple Bar, Dublin. We built two fully featured websites for them – chinablueshoes.com & chinablueshoes.co.uk. We look after their website maintenance, optimisation, strategy and online marketing. We have helped them grow their ecommerce business to the point where 20% of their total business is now online.


China Blue Shoes

“I can’t recommend them enough!”

“Clearfire Digital have been with us since we first started online. They built a fantastic ecommerce website that sells well. They helped us develop and grow our online business over the last few years, to the point where about 20% of our business is now online, and a large amount of our in store customers tell us they have visited our website first. They are always there if we have any questions or problems. I can’t recommend them enough!”
-Sean Connor, China Blue Ltd.

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